Establish e-mobility


  • Automotive Supplier, European business unit with several independent companies
  • Producer of classical mechanical / electric components in the areas of powertrain, chassis and interior


  • Company objective: established TIER1 supplier of e-axles in Europe
  • Challenges:
    • Limited customer contacts in e-mobility, missing reputation
    • Limited competencies in e-axles, missing organisation structure
    • Missing development processes, -methods and -tools


  • Identification of target customers with corresponding technology and products
  • Plan to close competence- and process gaps and implementation thereof
  • Establishment of a cooperation network to develop full e-axle systems


  • First series production award for e-axles in Europe, confirmed customer contacts and acknowledged supplier
  • Definition and build-up of dedicated e-axle R&D location with 15 employees, cooperation network
  • Clear agreed roles & responsibilities between the R&D centres in Japan, China and Germany

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