M&A Integration Examples


  • Various Automotive Suppliers, Global resp. European business unit with several independent companies
  • All Producers of classical mechanical / electric components in the areas of powertrain, chassis and interior


  • Company objective: Integration of acquired business units, primary R&D functions
  • Challenges:
    • different development processes, -methods and -tools
    • different cultures and ways-of-working


  • Development of new combined global product- and technology roadmaps
  • Employee involvement as well as clear communication inside and with customers / suppliers
  • Identification of synergies and efficiency improvements in R&D


  • successful integration:
    • of a former Japanese JV-Partner into the global R&D organisation structure
    • of acquired R&D centres in the USA, in Sweden and in Germany into a global R&D organisation structure
    • of a former Swedish JV-Partner into the European R&D organisation structure
    • of an acquired E/E and Software Start-Up into the European R&D organisation structure

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